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We are a Swiss-based technology and consulting firm with global outreach, focusing on stakeholder relationship management. Drawing on our extensive experience in numerous successful CRM projects, as well as deep expertise, you can be confident that our team of highly skilled professionals will provide you with top-tier advice, design, and development services tailored to meet your unique business needs.


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Jose Puerto speaks at Clinical Trials Nexus, San Diego

Jose will share his expert insights on “Accelerating Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment with Technology.” With his extensive marketing strategy background and over two decades of experience in patient recruitment, Jose is an authority in the field.

Credent present at the 19th Clinical Trials Nexus, Basel, Switzerland

Mike Stubbs-Egginton, a Partner at Geneva-based Credent Partners Sàrl is presenting on the opportunities for the adoption of AI in clinical trial recruitment

Credent present at the 3rd BioPharma Supply Chain and Logistics Forum, Basel, Switzerland

Alex Bretagne, a senior consultant at Geneva-based Credent Partners Sàrl, is speaking on April 25th at the 3rd BioPharma Supply Chain & Logistics forum. He is presenting the Medtack Fulfillment...

Mastering the Power of Technology

To truly understand a field of expertise is to love what you are doing and invest hours into perfecting it. You start pursuing excellence because you understand there truly is no other choice.

This drive has enabled us to acquire deep knowledge across different technological ecosystems and platforms, allowing us to truly comprehend how to leverage the power of technology to help our clients even more effectively.

Industries We Excel In


Leverage our extensive healthcare industry expertise to optimize stakeholder relationships, improve patient outcomes, and achieve operational excellence.

Oil & Gas

Navigate the complex landscape of energy and utilities with confidence. Our custom-made solutions drive stakeholder engagement, sustainability, and operational efficiency.


Innovate your guest experiences and loyalty through our tailor-made hospitality solutions. With our know-how, we’ll help you deliver personalized experiences that delight guests throughout their journey.

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