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We pride ourselves on our extensive expertise in healthcare, energy & utilities, and travel & hospitality. With a deep understanding of these industries, we navigate the ever-evolving business and technology landscapes with profound knowledge, insight, and empathy for our clients. We are passionate about creating value for our clients with solutions that advance their businesses and assist people in their everyday work.


Discover MedTack, Credent Partners’ healthcare-focused sub-brand, dedicated to reshaping the future of healthcare services. With their comprehensive design and development services, they are pioneering solutions like MedTack Fulfillment and MedTack Clinical Trials, aimed at transforming recruitment and clinical trial management.

Oil & Gas

We embrace a comprehensive approach to the dynamic energy industry. By deeply understanding the technologies and key stakeholders involved, we prepare our clients to face any challenge and capture new opportunities, keeping them ahead in this rapidly evolving sector.

Travel & Hospitality

Introducing Trawelt, a sub-brand of Credent Partners, specialized in the travel and hospitality industry. Utilizing a 360º holistic approach, our team leverages robust analytical skills, unparalleled industry insights, and the latest technology to develop the optimal solutions for our clients and to drive innovation.

Explore Our Services

Customer & Commercial Strategy

We develop innovative strategies to transform businesses, focusing on customer-centric approaches.

Creative & Experience design

We specialize in creating experiences that enhance customer engagement and loyalty.

Technology & Operations

We provide powerful technological tools and operational strategies to optimize business impact.

Customer data & Analytics

Utilizing data and analytics, we help businesses gain insights for growth and improved decision-making.

Customer strategy

We discover innovative ideas to transform businesses, with a strong focus on customer needs and behavior.


We help activate customers to build brands and drive acquisition, retention, and loyalty.


By combining creativity, design, data, and technology we help marketers compete in modern, digital ways.

Digital Commerce

We enable omni-channel B2B and B2C E-Commerce solutions, enhancing online commercial operations.


We focus on building next-generation sales teams and capabilities to increase effectiveness.


We optimize service experiences to engage customers and drive brand loyalty.

Digital Products

We engineer design-led experiences that connect across enterprises.

Influence Marketing

We leverage the trust that influencers have built with their followers to enhance brand visibility and credibility.

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